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A Discord bot for Japanese learners... and weebs too!

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k!help (k!h)

Show help for all my commands that are enabled in this channel, or show detailed help for a specific command.

k!help translate


Show definitions for a Japanese or English word. The results come from Jisho.org. You can use the reaction buttons to also see kanji info and examples.

k!j 瞬間

k!kanji (k!k)

Search for information about kanji characters, including onyomi, kunyomi, stroke count, radical, and examples. You can look up many kanji at a time and use reactions to navigate between results.

k!kanji 瞬間

k!strokeorder (k!so)

Search for stroke order gifs and diagrams for kanji. You can look up many kanji at a time and use reactions to navigate between results.

k!strokeorder 瞬間

k!quiz (k!q)

Start a quiz, or show available quizzes. I have Japanese and English quizzes for all levels.

k!quiz n4
k!quiz stop

k!leaderboard (k!lb)

Check your position on the quiz leaderboard. Competition is fierce. Over 100,000 correct answers from users so far!


k!deconjugate (k!d)

Break down a Japanese verb so you can understand how it was constructed.

k!deconjugate 食べたかったよ

k!translate (k!t)

Translate non-English text into English, or English text into Japanese. It is also possible to translate into other languages.

k!translate I am a cat
k!translate 吾輩は猫である
k!translate-german I am a cat

k!furigana (k!f)

Render furigana for Japanese text.

k!furigana 吾輩は猫である

k!examples (k!ex)

Search Jisho.org for example sentences.

k!examples 瞬間


I will choose a Japanese song for you and send you a Youtube link. Hope you like Touhou and vocaloid!


k!weblio (k!w)

Search the Weblio dictionary for a word. (Results are in Japanese)

k!weblio 瞬間

k!random (k!r)

Grab a random Japanese word from Jisho. You can also specify a JLPT level or Kanken level.

k!random n3
k!random 1k

k!settings (k!s)

Configure my settings on your server. You can control where commands can be used, set the display mode for dictionary results, and set default quiz settings.



Show a little bit of meta information about me.


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